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Linerase Set 5 ml

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LINERASE is a heterologous Type I collagen powder which stimulates the production of new fibroblasts to create native Type III collagen, a process that is fundamental in cosmetic medicine and anti-aging treatments.

After the age of 25, our skin loses 1.5 % of collagen each year, which results in the first wrinkles. However, we can prevent these changes and the best way is to complement the deficiencies of collagen and eliminate the effects of its decrease through the application of the biomaterial – LINERASE, the purpose of which is tissue regeneration and renewal treatment. The preparation stimulates fibroblasts to produce the fibers of endogenous collagen as the new tissue filling. LINERASE restores and regenerates the skin of the face, neck, hands and body through the reconstruction of the connective tissue of the skin and above all restores the natural beauty of the skin. LINERASE is ideal for reducing stretch marks, treatment of atrophic scars and acne.

LINERASE is safe, has no side effects, is hypoallergenic and gives excellent results. Used in combination with lidocaine, the surgery procedure is virtually painless and LINERASE is the only commercially available Type I collagen intended for aesthetic surgery. LINERASE is a medical device class III - the product bears the CE 0373 mark.

LINERASE produces the optimal conditions to restore connective tissue. It supplements dermal bio-revitalization and assists the regeneration of connective tissue in the dermis proving perfect conditions for the physiological neo-formation of collagen. LINERASE can be used for body and facial chrono- and photo-aging treatments.

It is not recommended to combine LINERASE during the same treatment session with laser treatments, deep chemical peels and dermabrasion. These procedures can be applied while maintaining the 14-day interval..

Total treatment consists of 2 to 4 treatments, depending on the doctor’s recommendations and the condition of the patient’s skin. The first results can be visible after 7-14 days. 4 treatments are preferred with an interval of 2 weeks to obtain the full effect of therapy. After this time visible differences in density and elasticity of the skin can be seen. The result is a ‘younger look’ which you can enjoy for up to 12-18 months.

After the procedure at the injection site redness, burning, swelling, itching or tenderness may occur. All of the above symptoms do not require any medical intervention, because they disappear spontaneously within a few minutes after the procedure or in about 3-7 days.


  1. Prepare the mixture by adding 5 ml of 0,9% saline or a mixture of 4,5 ml of 0,9% saline and 0,5 ml of 2% lidocaine solution. It is recommended to use 5,0 ml syringe to pierce the rubber stopper and slowly mix the ingredients in the vial.
  2. Treat the surface of the skin with an antiseptic solution.
  3. Administer the mixture. One vial of 100 mg is suited for treating face, neck, décolleté and the back of hands.
  4. Use: point injections. Depth: deep dermal layer. Dose: 0,1 ml of injection; keep the needle at an angle of 30-45 degrees from the surface. Distance between injections – 2 cm.

Once in suspension, the product should be used immediately and any remaining following the treatment should be discarded. After the injection, it is important to massage the area treated to ensure a uniform distribution of the product.


LINERASE is administered through intradermal infiltration using the appropriate size needles from 30G 4mm up to 30G 12 mm.

  • regeneration and renewal of deficiencies in the skin,
  • intensive skin revitalization,
  • reduction of wrinkles and skin flabbiness,
  • scar removal,
  • stretch marks.


Powder of equine collagen Type I (100%).


Each pack contains 1 glass vial of 100 mg of collagen powder and instructions for use

1 x Peel Off Mask

1 x Restoring Mask

  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • cancer,
  • active surgical site infection.

Read the package leaflet before use.