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Revitacare | CelluCare C Line 5ml - 1 vial
  • Revitacare | CelluCare C Line 5ml - 1 vial
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CelluCare C Line (1x5ml)


Reduction of cellulite and fat tissue | Smoothing and firming the skin | Body shaping | Improvement of skin density

Caffeine + Non-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid + Trace Elements Co-Mn-Zn | Cosmetic Sterile Product

Application Areas: Abdomen | Thighs | Buttocks | Arms | Knees | Fat deposits on the face

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CelluCare® is an excellent cocktail for needle mesotherapy, containing three main ingredients: hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and trace elements. The CelluCare® formula contains a blend of effective ingredients that significantly eliminate even advanced cellulite and reduce subcutaneous fat deposits, ultimately reshaping the silhouette.

Visible Results
Scientifically developed formula with a blend of effective ingredients, its obvious results are visible to the naked eye at various stages: Fat storage areas are eliminated, improving the silhouette outline, reducing the volume of the abdomen, buttocks, forearms. Patients experience an intense smoothing effect; "orange peel" visibly disappears. Intensive lipolytic action, significant smoothing even of advanced cellulite.

Breakdown of Stubborn Cellulite
Through the use of hyaluronic acid hydrolyzing cell membranes, adipocytes responsible for the appearance of fat nodules in tissues are trapped. Fat is released.

Activation of Fat Burning, Fat Reserves Reduction
Containing a fat-burning ingredient, CelluCare® stimulates fat reduction and transforms it into a source of energy. In addition, trace elements maximize the activity of specific enzymes.

Intensification of Microcirculation and Drainage
Caffeine stimulates skin microcirculation, contributing to the elimination of distributed fatty acids.

Improvement of the External Appearance of Skin Tissue
The moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid give the skin softness and smoothness. Trace elements stimulate cells and further strengthen the skin. Hyaluronic acid additionally conditions and smoothes the skin.


  • reduction of cellulite and fat tissue from areas: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, knees, and facial fat bags,
  • body shaping,
  • smoothing and firming the skin,
  • increased microcirculation and drainage,
  • improvement of skin firmness and density.


  • caffeine - 40mg/5ml,
  • hyaluronic acid - 16mg/5ml,
  • trace elements Co-Mn-Zn.


Price is for 1 vial of 5 ml of the preparation

The whole package contains 10 vials of 5 ml of the preparation each.


  • allergy to ingredients used in cocktails,
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding period,
  • uncompensated metabolic diseases, including diabetes,
  • bacterial, viral, fungal inflammatory conditions on the skin,
  • cancer,
  • taking anticoagulant or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


The area subjected to the treatment should be thoroughly disinfected. Apply the appropriate amount to the selected area and massage until completely absorbed.


Store at a temperature of 2 to 30°C. Protect from sunlight and frost. Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children.



Product for professional use only. By purchasing, you declare that you are a doctor or a cosmetologist trained in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Before use, read the leaflet included in the packaging.


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