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Fillmed Bright Peel 100ml

Price $134.80

Glucanolactone + Phytic Acid + Citric Acid + Glycolic Acid | pH 1.5

Chemical peel for normal skin with anti-aging and anti-pigmentation properties, providing radiance to the skin.

Fillmed Light Peel 100ml

Price $106.35

Gluconolactone + Mandelic Acid | pH 3.0

Chemical peel for sensitive skin designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin tone. Anti-aging treatment.

Fillmed Time Peel 100ml

Price $133.56

Gluconolactone + Glycolic Acid | pH 3.0

Chemical peel to reverse signs of aging, diminish dark spots, and give a younger appearance to the skin.

Hyalual - Brightening Peel 50ml

Price $76.67

Brightening peel to even out skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, and mattify the skin | pH 2,2

Skin discoloration | Surface wrinkles | Dry, flaky skin | Photorejuvenation

Hyalual - Claryfying Peel 50ml

Price $76.67

Cleansing peel for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin | pH 2,8

Acne-prone skin | Increased sebum production | Uneven skin tone | Enlarged pores

Hyalual - Enhancing Peel 50ml

Price $76.67

Brightening peel to improve the appearance of dull skin with uneven texture and tone | pH 2.8.

Skin regeneration | Restores a radiant and moisturized look to the skin | Reduces wrinkles | Uneven skin tone and texture

Mesoestetic mesopeel set Mandelic Peel 30% 50ml + post peel 50ml Mesoestetic mesopeel set Mandelic Peel 30% 50ml + post peel 50ml
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Mesoestetic mesopeel Mandelic peel 30% - 50ml

Regular price $58.12 Price $49.40

Expiration Date: 12/2024

Almond Acid 30% + Post Peel | pH 1.8 (Medical Device)

Chemical peel designed to treat skin imperfections related to discoloration, normalizes sebum secretion, and reduces pores. It improves skin texture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Euroresearch LineraseEuroresearch Linerase
$97.51Regular price-5%$102.64Price
ITP | Matex Lab SA | Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe(2x2,5ml)
$64.40Regular price-7%$69.25Price