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All orders will ship to you via courier UPS or InPost. All shipments are insured.

 If there is no country to which you want to order products please contact us.



Order realization


  • Completing parts order may take an average of 1-3 working days.

  • Expected delivery date, please count from the moment of sending the letter delivery to the courier company. You will be informed about this by email.

  • You can use the online tracking feature to track your shipment at any time. You will get your tracking number.

  • Order sent outside the Polish borders must be paid in advance (on-line). Performance of the contract occurs only after receiving the full amount of the invoice to our account.

  • Client shall pay for the products that are subject to duty in the country in which it receives.



Delivery costs


The cost of delivery in currencies is given in przybiżeniu for the day 12/05/2016, where:

  • 1 ≈ EUR 4.42 PLN,
  • GBP 1 ≈ 5.60 PLN,
  • USD 1 ≈ 3.89 PLN

according to the average exchange rate of the National Polish Bank.

The final cost of delivery may vary slightly depending on the current exchange rate.



Delivery time

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