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Taumed srl Karisma Rh Collagen Hyamino

Taumed SRL – Innovation and Quality at the Service of Beauty

Taumed SRL is a renowned Italian company in the field of aesthetic medicine, passionately creating and distributing high-class medical devices, including advanced collagen fillers. Taumed's mission is to equip specialists with cutting-edge technologies that enable the realization of innovative aesthetic treatments, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for their patients at the same time.

As a leader in its field, Taumed SRL places great emphasis on research and development, constantly exploring new horizons to provide products that not only meet the latest trends in aesthetic medicine but also set new standards in skin care and regeneration. Training, workshops, and conferences are an integral part of the company's philosophy, emphasizing their commitment to education and the enhancement of professional skills.

Karisma stands out with pride in their offer, representing a new era in the Taumed medical devices portfolio. Karisma is not just synonymous with luxury and perfection but also symbolizes the company's commitment to delivering products that are both effective and safe. The high-quality collagen used in Karisma products, sourced from silk threads, is an example of the company's unique approach to biocompatibility and sustainable development.

An interesting fact is that Taumed SRL not only distributes products but is also involved in their design, ensuring that each device or preparation is refined in every detail, making them highly valued by the best aesthetic clinics worldwide. Choosing Taumed SRL, aesthetic medicine professionals are not just investing in innovation but also becoming part of a community that shapes the future of skin care, striving for excellence in every aspect of beauty and health.

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Karisma Rh Collagen Face (1x2ml)

Price $97.70

Uncross-linked hyaluronic acid and collagen | Medical device

Improves facial contour | Wrinkle reduction | Lifting effect | Improves skin quality and density

Application areas: Face | Mouth area | Neck | Décolletage | Back of hands

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