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Linerase Powder 100mg 5ml Collagen SCD srl Linerase Hydro

Revolutionary Skin Care with Linerase – Innovative Solutions from SCD srl

Linerase is a product line based on advanced technologies that provide comprehensive skin care. Our products are skin-friendly, offering innovative solutions for various dermatological issues.

Innovative Ingredients: Linerase utilizes the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, including non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and peptides, creating unique formulations.

Wrinkle Reduction and Volume Loss: These products are dedicated to effective wrinkle reduction, restoring lost skin volume, and improving its firmness.

Wide Range of Applications: Linerase is versatile – perfect for both facial and body areas. Recommended for wrinkle reduction, improvement of skin density, and revitalization of problematic areas.

Medical Class Products: Linerase is a Class III medical product, providing safe and effective solutions. Trust the professionalism of SCD srl.

Discover the potential of Linerase – innovative solutions for modern aesthetic medicine. Join the ranks of doctors shaping the future of skin care with Linerase!

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Linerase 100mg (5 ml)

Price $98.42

Type I Collagen | Medical Device

Improving skin elasticity and density | Smoothing out wrinkles | Scar treatment | Stretch mark reduction

Application areas: Face | Neck | Cleavage | Hands | Arms | Buttocks | Knees

  • Pack

Linerase Collagen 100mg + Linerase Hydro Set

Price $105.99

Combined Therapy - The perfect set for strong bio-revitalization of the skin, requiring deep moisturizing and biostimulation. For those who do not want or cannot use fillers.

Combination of Type I Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids | Medical Device

Application Areas: Face | Neck | Décolleté | Hands | Arms | Buttocks | Knees

Linerase Peel Off 15ml

Price $16.40

Pre-treatment Exfoliating Mask, preparing the skin for the next procedure

Perfect for aesthetic medicine procedures | Brightens | Moisturizes | Contains retinol, vitamin C, glycolic and citric acid

Linerase Restoring Mask 50 ml

Price $30.28

Regenerating mask used after aesthetic medicine procedures, provides a soothing effect and accelerates healing

Regenerates and moisturizes the skin after injections | Soothes irritations | Hyaluronic acid provides hydration