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StylAge Bi-Soft HydroMax (1x1ml)

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Stylage® Hydro MAX is a cross-linked hyaluronic gel incorporating a sterile, entirely biodegradable, toxin-free hydrating agent (Sorbitol), designed for treating intense dehydration or skin laxity. The presence of Sorbitol, a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing agent, helps the skin to retain water thereby maintaining hydration and limiting the immediate degradation of the weakly cross-linked HA. This results in an immediate sensation of freshness and a long-lasting moisturizing effect of the HydroMAX treatment: immediate and long-lasting healthy, glowing skin, optimized dermal restructuring over time.

Stylage® Hydro MAX is injectable into the superficial dermis using mesotherapy techniques for the treatment of very dry/dehydrated skin, deep, instant hydration or a dermal restructuring treatment, skin elasticity improvement, revitalisation of the face, neck and décolleté area and hand rejuvenation. Stylage® Hydro MAX is a mesotherapy product, so treats the signs of ageing and skin hydration and not wrinkles. The gel's fluid texture makes it easy to inject and to massage ensuring even distribution of the product injected into the tissues. 

Initial treatment protocol: 2 injection sessions, with an interval of one month + 1 session to be repeated 2 months later. Further sessions will ensure the desired correction is maintained. Injection into the dermo-epidermal junction or deep dermis, depending on the technique used and the desired effect: retrotracing (needles or cannulae), micropunctures (into the deep dermis, since cross-linked), burst injections (multi-prick or “nappage”). 

  • very dry/dehydrated skin deep instant hydration,
  • dermal restructuring treatment,
  • skin elasticity improvement,
  • revitalization of the face, neck and décolleté area,
  • hand rejuvenation.


Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid (BDDE): 12,5 mg/g

Lidocaine: -

Sorbitol q.s. 1g

Phosphate buffer pH: 7,2


1 x 1 ml prefilled syringe

needles: 30G 1/8, 30G 1/2

  • hypersensitivity to one of the components,
  • skin infection near the site of injection,
  • patients susceptible to keloid formation,
  • pregnant or lactating women,
  • allergy or anaphylaxis,
  • bleeding disorders,
  • autoimmune disorders,
  • antibiotic therapy.

Product for professional use only. By deciding to purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.

Read the package leaflet before use.


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