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Regen Lab REGENERIS RegenACR Plus PRP (Set)
  • Regen Lab REGENERIS RegenACR Plus PRP (Set)
  • Regen Lab REGENERIS RegenACR Plus PRP (Set)



Platelet-Rich Plasma from Your Own Blood | Medical Device

Tired, dull, sagging, dehydrated skin | Stretch marks and scar therapy | Hair loss | Rejuvenating therapy for sensitive skin

Application Areas: Face | Neck | Décolleté | Hairy scalp

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Regeneris®, also known by patients as "Vampire Facelift," is a special program for skin cell biostimulation, based on obtaining platelet-rich plasma from one's own blood.

Regeneris® contains cells and growth factors from blood that stimulate skin regeneration, allowing it to regain youthful vitality. As a result, it becomes smoother, more elastic, and .

Regeneris® is 100% biocompatible, and facial skin revitalization is possible through Autologous Cellular Regeneration (ACR) – the regeneration of skin cells through the action of its own growth factors and stem cells.

Regeneris® works by activating blood platelets in platelet-rich plasma to produce specific growth factors that:

  • stimulate tissue regeneration processes,
  • support angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels),
  • activate mesenchymal stem cells,
  • stimulate fibroblasts to create new collagen.

Mesotherapy for face/neck/scalp with 1 ampoule of Regeneris platelet-rich plasma.

The treatment increases skin tension and moisture, reducing wrinkles.


  • skin requiring revitalization – tired, dull, sagging, dehydrated,
  • skin showing signs of aging – folds, wrinkles, sagging,
  • supportive post-aesthetic medicine procedures, such as peels, laser treatments,
  • stretch marks and scar therapy (including acne scars) – supportive in procedures involving skin remodeling,
  • rejuvenation therapy for allergy-prone skin,
  • for supporters of natural anti-aging methods (Autologous Cellular Regeneration),
  • male pattern baldness (provided there are still active hair follicles on the skin),
  • hair loss in women.


  • 1 pc. - Safety Lock™ butterfly needle,
  • 1 pc. - collection container,
  • 1 pc. - transfer device,
  • 1 pc. - Regen ATS test tube,
  • 2 pcs. - Regen BTC test tube,
  • 1 pc. - red transfer needle,
  • 3 pcs. - 30G injection needle,
  • 1 pc. - 80 mm transfer cannula,
  • 1 pc. - 1 ml Luer Lock™ syringe.


As all components obtained in PRP have autologous origin, the risk of local immunological reactions, intolerance, or allergies is excluded. Contraindications include:

  • blood disorders,
  • cancer,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • use of medications prolonging bleeding time (e.g., aspirin),
  • acute/local infection at the treatment site,
  • administration of corticosteroid to the treatment site within 1 month of the procedure,
  • recent fever or illness,
  • Cancer – especially hematopoietic or bone,
  • critical thrombocytopenia.


The procedure should be performed by a specialist familiar with the administration and blood collection method. The treatment should be administered manually using the multipoint injection method. Platelet-rich plasma should be injected into the superficial or middle dermis.

Before the procedure, patients should be informed about possible side effects and risks. The treatment area should be thoroughly disinfected. The product should be injected slowly into the skin.

After the procedure, mild swelling, redness, or small bruises may occur, which disappear within a few hours to several days.


Protect from sunlight and freezing. Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children.


Regen Lab SA

For use by professionals only. By purchasing, you declare that you are a trained doctor or cosmetologist in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Before use, familiarize yourself with the leaflet enclosed with the package.

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