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Mesoestetic Cosmelan Pack
  • Mesoestetic Cosmelan Pack
  • Mesoestetic Cosmelan Pack

Mesoestetic Cosmelan - an improved set for discoloration


Professional Hyperpigmentation Set - Complete Treatment. Depigmentation for treating the most severe and persistent skin spots

Face | Diminishes visible spots | Targets the root of the problem

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Mesoestetic Cosmelan dermamelan


Cosmelan® is the world's leading professional depigmentation method for the treatment of the toughest and most stubborn skin spots. A unique combination of active ingredients with proven effectiveness that works on the entire staining process by removing melanin build-up and inhibiting the formation of new stains. Perfect results in the short and long term thanks to the unique double action mechanism: corrective and regulate. On the one hand, it eliminates visible stains, but also acts on the source of the problem, regulating the overproduction of pigment and preventing its reappearance..

Cosmelan® works on 4 levels:

  1. Accelerates the renewal of the epidermis to remove the accumulation of melanin.
  2. Reduces the amount of melanin produced, which reduces the intensity of stains.
  3. It blocks the transfer of melanin from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte, preventing the pigment from migrating to the highest layers of the skin.
  4. Reduces melanin synthesis in melanocytes.

The Cosmelan®method is a topical treatment lasting about 6 months, combining:

  • a single session in the office, during which a mask with an intense depigmenting effect is applied,
  • continuation of treatment at home, in line with the indications and recommendations. The patient must follow a regimen of using cosmeceuticals in addition to the method, which will vary depending on the phase and progress of treatment.

When is it best to use Cosmelan?

Cosmelan can be used at any time of the year, although it is advisable to do it in periods when sun exposure is not as intense and long as, for example, winter and autumn. In the event that the Patient lives in a hot region or the treatment is applied in the summer, be more careful and use very strong sunscreens, such as melan 130 pigment control, and avoid completely intense and prolonged exposure to the sun.


  • in order to weaken or eliminate pigmentation imperfections on the face,
  • improves the brightness of the skin,
  • evens out the skin tone.


  • active ingredients that inhibit tyrosinase - a combination of six main active ingredients with the highest efficiency and the highest tolerance to the skin,
  • active ingredients that inhibit DOPAtautomerase and eumelanin - Cosmelan contains active ingredients that effectively inhibit the activity of key enzymes in the process of melanin formation,
  • złożony a complex mechanism that inhibits melanogenesis - hinders the migration of melanosomes to keratinocytes, thus eliminating their stimulation by UV rays,
  • vitamin complex - strong antioxidant effect neutralizing free radicals. The complex stimulates collagen production and stimulates skin cell renewal. The skin becomes brighter and radiant,
  • active ingredients of natural origin - ingredients of plant origin with brightening properties that moisturize and smooth the skin,
  • sunscreens - a combination of physical and chemical filters with anti-free radicals protecting against UVA and UVB rays,
  • exfoliating component - accelerates the natural exfoliation process of the epidermis, and thus prevents discoloration,
  • no preservatives and fragrances - the emulsion formula supports the penetration of the epidermis.

The Mesoestetic Cosmelan® kit includes:

  • 10ml oil removing solution: degreasing solution - used during the treatment in the office - cleans and initially exfoliates the skin,
  • 10g cosmelan 1:intensely depigmenting face mask - used during the treatment in the office - initial mask,
  • 30g cosmelan 2: home cream that enhances the depigmentation effect of cosmelan 1, controlling melanin production and preventing the reappearance of discoloration,
  • 50ml melan recovery: intensely soothing lotion combating symptoms of irritation and redness. It reduces the sensitivity of the skin and strengthens defense mechanisms, bringing relief during the cosmelan treatment,
  • 50ml melan 130 pigment control: very high sun protection with colored pigments. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects the skin from radiation and helps keep discoloration under control.

Product for professional use only. By deciding to purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine, in accordance with the applicable law in your country.

Read the package leaflet before use.

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