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Hyalual - Profi Delux Spray 50ml

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Spray for post procedure care in aesthetic medicine. Its safety and efficiency have been clinically proven.

Water and hyaluronic acid – moisturizes and keeps skin moisture evaporation. Succinic acid and sodium succinate – neutralizes free radicals and provides additional ATP energy for restoration processes.

Skin quality improvement by optimization of post procedure recovery process – minimization of complications risk and enforcing of basic procedure effect (laser, microneedling etc).

Antioxidant properties of Succinic acid (SA):

  • SA is an antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals (unstable molecules),
  • SA supports antioxidant system of the skin,
  • SA prevents destroying healthy cells,
  • SA moderates antioxidant stress of tissues,
  • SA optimizes recovery process.

Cosmetic procedures requiring post procedure care:

  • injectable methods (redermalization, mesotherapy, contour correction, botulinotherapy, dermaroller, microneedling),
  • peelings,
  • laser fractional photothermolysis, laser epilation, biostimulation with infrared spectrum, biostimulation with radio frequencies.

  • reduction of potential side effects (burning sensation, redness and swelling),
  • reduction of post procedure recovery time,
  • reduction risks and complications (infection, dyschromia, fibrosis).

  • water,
  • sodium hyaluronate,
  • sodium succinate,
  • succinic acid.

Read the package leaflet before use.

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