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Syringe 1ml - 5 pcs.

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4,63 zł zzgl. MwSt.

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Medical Brokers igły strzykawki kaniule dispoderm luer lock inex CE trzyczęściowe


Syringes are produced by the Polish company Medical Brokers.

The 1 ml syringes have a convex piston that allows the use of 100% of the preparation taken into the syringe. The readable graduation, calibrated every 0,01 ml, allows very precise application of the quantity of preparation administered.

Disposable, non pyrogenic, non-toxic, sterile syringes with triple rubber gasket and the plunger blocker so that the liquid cannot escape during the application.

The chamber and the plunger are highly transparent, and the clear and legible graduation of the scale allows for accurate dosage of the administered preparations.

Connector Luer - lock ensures the safe connection between the syringe and the needle.

Syringe Medical Brokers is a medical device - CE mark 0123.


the offer applies to 5 syringes or you can also choose a larger quantity at a better price

  • do't re-use,
  • do't use if the packaging is damaged.

Discard sharps items and complete needle and syringe units directly into sharps box immediately after use.